Missouri City, TX Formerly Licensed at home braider. Being a mom of two and home based, everyone's safety is my main concern. I aspire to be that helping hand, who gives kindness and patience.

 Aggressive behaviors, entitled attitudes, harassment, and bulling tactics will NOT be tolerated. I appreciate your time for reading throughly in advance. :)




I will not provide service to scalps with open wounds, due to risk of infection or allergic reactions. Products like leave-ins, oils, or creams are okay to have on your  hair for moisture. Grease is NOT ideal for me personally. If you have thick hair or a larger head you will not be charged more, but PLEASE be considerate to the fact that it will take longer. Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE.  I am aware that I cannot please every individual I come across but I give my time wholeheartedly.

  • I DO NOT wash hair. Please come with hair no less than 3 days clean.

  • Blow dry is NOT apart of services and time estimates. Blow dries can be added on, times vary based on head size/hair thickness.

  • Please read ALL info for desired style.

  • Hair must at least be 4 inches. I do not charge less for shaved sides.

  • Email with address will be sent 24hrs before appointment.

  • Non-member submissions will receive an email.

Booking without a deposit is a small luxury I like to provide for my clients. This is a place of consideration for each individuals time and money. Please cancel in advance for those looking to book where you cannot come. Any cancellation outside of a 48hr window will be charged a 25% of service late cancellation fee. A NO-SHOW, will be charged 50% of service fee. Failure to pay late cancellation/no-show fees will result in being blocked. Taking advantage of my time and patience will not be permitted.

I have read all of the required information. Once I click "sign up" I hereby agree to your terms of service and code of conduct.

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Missouri City, Texas, USA