Jan 17

From OmgWhoDidYourHair to Ethereal Affair..


First off I would like to give thanks to OmgWhoDidYourHair. I will always love where it came from and what it’s meant to me and my clients. I’ve reached a point where I feel as if the business name I came up with at 17? 18? doesn’t represent me to it’s best. OmgWhoDidYourHair came from the experiences my clients had after getting their done. The main thing someone would say to them seeing their hair all done. I realized, a lot of people say this no matter who did it 1, there’s a few business with name all over the US 2, and 3 I’ve grown up A LOT since I came up with that name. I wanted something to reflect my growth, elevate my experiences, and with a shorter name. There’s a slight issue with respect/being taken seriously as a business so I figured a change would make it CLEAR. “Ethereal” is a description I’ve received a handful of times from my tumblr admirers. I assumed it was naturally pretty, like earthy, hippy-dippy style. Ethereal (rhymes with cereal) in short, means - “extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world” and I was very flattered once I learned what it really meant in detail. I thought it was amazing people could get that aura from my photos. And it’s stuck with me since, and “Affair” is just another word for business. But to an extent, I feel like the self-love that I’ve developed and still working on, is a type of affair for me. I consider the fun and laughs we have binge watching tv for the hours we’re together can be considered an affair as well LOL. The feeling my clients have once they no longer have to worry about their hair and they’re otw home all smiley, feeling better about theirselves is the most exciting part of the affair! I understand that change is hard for some people, so here is where we can say our formal goodbyes. I think a slight funeral will make it easier for those who need it (me). I welcome anyone who’d like to say their goodbyes and rip’s. Thanks OmgWhoDidYourHair. You’ve been on my cards, my IG, and the internet, for a few years now and you had a GREAT young life. I appreciate everything brought onto me through you, but you need to go to a better place. So please, Rest In my Past :) peacefully. Asé

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  • Here’s tea, being a licensed braider was something that WAS required when I first started braiding. It was a known to-do if you wanted to get into the business, or even just work in a salon. When I first started I had an opportunity to work in a salon once I got my license, my aunt was a shop owner. She was like “you need a license to work in here” period. So I got it over the summer after high school, my braid instructor Fama said I needed to do that first! Before the time came to renew my license.. Texas deregulated braiders all over the state. To me it’s a WIN for women, but a loss for businesses. The talented braider responsible for the deregulation- she’s Erykah Badu’s braider too so I’m a fan as well.. her name is “Isis Brantley” and she basically got a lawyer after she was arrested to fight for the right to NATURALLY braid hair whenever and wherever. Because before laws, before America, black women have always done this. And just as me, her skillful blessing been passed down in her family for generations. So yes I STAN with her. I don’t use chemicals and I’m all for natural healthy hair. But the week that spent getting my license, the things I learned, I feel as if everyone needs that to an extent. Especially if they want to put their hands in different people’s head for a living. I tried to renew my license once it expired AFTER deregulation and I couldn’t. I realize now that I have information and resources to give now because of the deregulation as well. Granted braid businesses still operate as normal, they’re just not regulated by law anymore. Home braiders have been liberated to style at home wishing their rights. I think braiding licenses should stay an OPTION for those who wanted it. Because they didn’t even teach “how to braid” in licensing. It’s more sanitation, clients health/hair, and certifications. What do you guys think? Should natural hair styling and braiding stay regulated, should it be an option, or free the braiders with nipples?! I’d love hear. Here’s a pic of my eldest being introduced to braids without a tight grip when he was around 4m.
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